The Adrian Ruiz Quintet

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Jazz, TX, 312 Pearl Parkway, Building 6 Suite 6001, San Antonio, TX 78215

Trumpeter Adrian Ruiz has strongly established himself over the years as one of the most effective bandleaders and exciting soloists in the San Antonio and Austin scenes. His quintet, which boasts some of the area’s well-established and fastest rising talents, features Gil Del Bosque on saxophone, Chris Villanueva on piano, Sam Pankey on bass and Aaron Easley on drums. Each of these gentlemen is a creative force in his own right, but they really click as a unit, so that the music comes off as the Adrian Ruiz Quintet, rather than merely a collection of great sidemen. His most recent album features original material by the group members, ranging from the fiery and bluesy to more introspective and unexpected material.