Views and Brews: Jazz and the Art of Broadway

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Cactus Cafe, 2247 Guadalupe St. , Austin, TX 78712

Over the years, the musicals of Broadway have represented quintessential American entertainment. The songs are meant to be enjoyed by a wide audience - and a particular picture of the American spirit emerges from this collection - a spirit of grit, perseverance, generosity, and faith.

To whom do these musicals appeal? In many ways, these musicals were written for hopes of acceptance by an immigrant population - groups that were looking to flatten the distinctions and the suspicions of the Other in the United States. Throughout these musicals, the theme of the Everyman code was employed to connect groups of people, temper prejudice, and bolster a unifying American spirit.

And what about jazz? How does the American musical play in jazz and what does this portrayal represent? How do the musicians playing and interpreting these popular songs assert their own identity and urgent voice into these songs, creating them anew? When hearing a jazz version of a song from Broadway, how does the great American spirit sound?

Join us for the next Views and Brew at the historic Cactus Cafe (2247 Guadalupe) @ 7:00 as we present a spirited evening of music and conversation. Generously sponsored by KUT radio, Rabbi and Jazz Historian Neil Blumofe in conversation with Rebecca McInroy. Featuring: Michael Malone, saxophone; Adrian Ruiz, trumpet; Brannen Temple, drums. This is a free event (donations welcome) -- please arrive early to guarantee a seat.